1) How do I correct a report that has already been submitted on HSR portal?

You are not able to amend the report once it has been submitted. To add any additional information in the report after it was submitted, we advise you to contact us via our "contact us" section on the portal with the patient HSR ID and we will guide you through the process.

2) Can I submit my invoice to HSR via the Portal?
Yes, you can submit the invoice through the portal using the "submit invoice" tab after having completed the discharge report. In cases where a case has been cancelled or you are advised to stop treatment before the number of authorised sessions, you will have to complete the discharge report mentioning the reason for untimely cancellation/stopping of treatment. Based on number of sessions given, in such situation an invoice will still be generated and you will be able to submit it through the portal.

3) Can I upload a patient's signed consent form to your website?
No, we currently do not have that facility available on the portal. However, kindly collect the signed consent form from the patients and keep it as a record. You may have to produce it in the future if our client requests for it.

4) What should I do if the patient referred does not appear on my patient list?
We advise you to contact us via phone or using our "contact us" section as soon as possible and we will address the issue.

5) What happens if I am unable to contact a patient to arrange treatment?
We encourage you to continue trying to contact the patient as per our terms on agreement. Please inform us via "contact us" section of the portal if no contact can be established after multiple efforts. We will try to find an alternative contact detail for you.

6) When will I be paid?
By providing all the reports within the agreed time scale with correct information of the treatment on the invoice (dates, number of treatment sessions and amount), it will then be processed and payment will be made according to the agreement within 30 working days.

7) Can I ask a patient to pay for a DNA / Late Cancellation?
No, you are not allowed to seek payment from the patients referred to your clinic. In case of 2 consecutive DNA or late cancellation, you are advised to inform HSR via "contact us". We will pay you PS20 on second consecutive DNA or late cancellation and advise you to discharge the patient in such case.

8) What happens if the patient reports of an injury different to that on the referral?
Please confirm whether the patient is suffering with an injury which is related to the site mentioned in the referral. If so, please proceed with the assessment and mention about all the areas of injury in the report which should be in line with the original referral information sheet. If not, please inform HSR as soon as possible using "contact us" on the portal about the different area of injury. Please do not provide any treatment for the area not mentioned in the referral without prior authorisation from us.

9) Can I book a patient in for treatment before receiving a referral or approval for further sessions from HSR?
No, we advise you to wait for the referral or approval for further sessions via email to book the patient. HSR won't be able to pay for any unauthorised sessions you have offered to the patients.

10) How can I amend incorrect treatment dates added for a patient?
You will be able to change the treatment dates before submitting the report through the portal. However, after having sent the report, to make any amendments on treatment dates, you will need to contact us as soon as possible and we will guide you through the process.

11) Do I need to notify HSR of a new clinician starting or an existing clinician leaving from the Practice?
Yes, please inform us about the changes with the clinicians registered on our network.
If a new clinician joins your team, and if you wish them to treat HSR patients, kindly ask us for the clinician registration form. By receiving the duly filled form we will add the clinician to HSR clinicians' network and they will be provided with an access to HSR patient management portal. Newly registered clinician can then start treating HSR patients referred to the clinic.
You are also advised to inform us if a clinician who was registered with our network under your clinic is leaving. This will keep us up to date with the clinicians treating our patients. You may be requested to inform us regarding the reason of a clinician leaving the network if it is related to eligibility to practice the profession in the UK or due to patient safety concerns.

12) Who do I contact if I have a complaint about a patient?
We advise you to contact us with the details of the issues you faced with the patient HSR referred to you and we will try to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

13) Who do I contact if I have a complaint about HSR?
We advise you to contact our complaint officer whose details will be provided on request through email. You will be encouraged to provide details of the complaint along with all supporting documents via email to the complaint officer. We will get back to you as soon as possible and will try to resolve the issues amicably.