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Our Team & Expertise

Our team is formed of experienced health care professionals from multidisciplinary background. Managing director of HS Rehab services, Mr. Hema Thota is an extended scope practitioner and non-medical prescriber who has been working in the area of integrated musculoskeletal physiotherapy since past 8 years. We have a wide network of trained physiotherapists with different levels of experience coming from a wider area of practice for example; musculoskeletal physiotherapy, neurological physiotherapy practice, community based rehabilitation, women's health and occupational health. They all work under a single umbrella of professional code of conduct provided by HS rehab services which believes in quality care and patient centred management.

With our vision, we are looking forward to an opportunity of being able to work closely with a very experienced Hip and Knee orthopaedic consultant. Aim of having a team of experts from different areas of practice is to ensure holistic patient management in optimal time frame where identifying most suitable referral pathway and providing timely treatment intervention will be a priority. With provision for joint injections and consultant opinions, we thrive to make patient journey easier and their treatment outcome better.

Our team of occupational health experts have profound experience of working in areas of injury prevention through early identification of causes for injury within a work place and rectifying those for safeguarding employees' safety and providing necessary training and ergonomic education. Another sector of expertise includes; occupational rehabilitation which involves conducting a detailed functional capacity evaluation and safe return to work through functional restoration programme.

Expert panel of auditors, senior management and admin team forms the back bone of our service delivery system. Their experience of working closely with different insurance companies, solicitors and network of other private companies make them extremely competent in dealing with clients, identifying their service requirements and meeting their expectations. Auditors are well trained in identifying any patterns of gaps in service provision, investigating and rectifying them in a timely manner for quality assurance. HS rehab team hence is our driving force towards achieving our aim of extended quality patient care and satisfaction.

Our Team

Mr. Hema Chandra Thota

(Managing Director; HS Rehab Services, HS Physiotherapy Limited, HDM Healthcare)

Mr. Thota is a Chartered physiotherapist, extended scope practitioner and non-medical prescriber with more than 20 years of experience in the area of advanced musculoskeletal practice. He will be responsible in monitoring quality service provision during day to day working by managing the team of clinicians. He will monitor standards of practise assessing them against NICE/CSP guidelines and evidence based practice. He will also be co-ordinating activities of both management board and panel of members involved with the company.

Mrs. Sireesha Paladugu

(Managing Director; HS Rehab Services, HS Physiotherapy Limited)

Mrs. Paladugu specialises in musculoskeletal physiotherapy and has been working in the field for the past 19 years. She will work together with Mr. Thota on monitoring quality of service provision during day to day working by managing the team of clinicians. She will similarly monitor standards of practice, assessing them against NICE/ CSP guidelines and evidence based practice. She will also be responsible in working with auditors while monitoring standards of reports generated.

Mrs. Dipika Khanal

(Service Manager, MSK physiotherapist; HS Rehab Services, HS Physiotherapy Limited)

Mrs. Khanal is a musculoskeletal physiotherapist working in this sector since 2011. As a service manager, she will be working with a responsibility of managing clinicians, administration staff and auditors. She will also be responsible to monitor case load distribution, referral management, networking and SLAs. Client networking and development tasks will also be monitored by her. Her knowledge in the area of physiotherapy will be used to maintain standards of practice across the team of clinicians.

Mrs. Anu Andrews

(MSK Physiotherapist, Occupational Health Physiotherapist; HS Rehab Services, HS Physiotherapy Limited)

Mrs. Andrews has extensive experience in occupational health assessment, functional evaluation and work environment assessment. She will thus be responsible to work towards occupational health assessment and work with employers from different corporate organisations advising on work modification, functional assessment and return to work advice etc. She will also work alongside with auditors for validation and processing of completed reports for timely dispatch and case completion.

Ms Jessica Beck

(Administration Lead; HS Rehab Services, HS Physiotherapy Limited)

Ms Beck, who is our administration lead, will work with different clients and referrers building up an efficient network for case referrals and management. She will also liaise with clinicians, to monitor caseloads, clinician's diary, and case referrals. Monitoring SLAs, contractual aspects of networking, invoice authorisation will be other aspects of her role. She will be company's administration representative for our clients and other enterprises.